new hope for “queen” Tymoshenko


Yulia Tymoshenko, known for her trademark blond braid, entered the international stage when leading protests against a presidential election in 2004, known as the orange revolution. In 2011 she was sentenced for 7 years because of a disadvantageous gas deal with Russia, thus criminally exceeding her authority.

According to her the charges of abuse of power are a tissue of lies, however, and the EU supports the view that the jailing was politically motivated.

Due to health problems she already asked the authorities to transfer her to a German hospital in 2011, leading to no result. In April this year the European Court of Human Rights stated that her pre-trail detention was “arbitraty and unlawful

This week, however, President Viktor Yanukovich signaled new hopes for Tymoshenko, saying that he would sign such a legislation if it was passed by parliament. -A move that might be made under pressures from the EU, whose leaders will discuss a possible agreement with Ukraine in November.

Even tough in jail, Tymoshenko embodies the idea of a strong, powerful woman.

Wearing a traditional braid together with a wardrobe that’s conservative yet feminine, traditional yet modern, professional yet soft tells the public that she expects the world to respect her as a leader. -Pia Vivas


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