hair is NOT political

punks_85 david beckham

While the previous posts all supported the idea that hair is political, Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre argues that whereas in the past it was possible to make a political statement with your hair, provoking hair-dos have lost their revolutionary character nowadays.

The last movement, whose group hair style still had shocking effects were the punks in the 1970ies. Nowadys, more than 30 years later, however, even this hair style is established and with David Backham, at the latest, the mohawk was introduced into high society. -Independent from any ideology.

No matter what hair style – as soon as there is a certain “critical mass” (which is ironically not critical at all) who has adopted it, the provoking effect tends towards zero. As over time all possible versions of head and facial hair have been tested, there is nothing left than imitation and a hair style does not imply anything anymore.

Want to find out more about Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre’s polarizing views? Then watch this interesting video!

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