re-civilize yourself

That hair is a highly sensitive issue shows this 2011 advertisement of NIVEA.

nivea-ad (1)

The ad features a short-haired black man about to toss the decapitated head of another black man with an afro and beard with the motto: “Look Like You Give A Damn…. Re-Civilize Yourself.”

Styleite’s Justin Fenner writes: “Black men have to deal with a lot of inextricable and damaging stereotypes, but the idea that we’re savages who can’t even be trusted to groom ourselves when the occasion calls for it is among the most offensive of them.”

After outrage and accusations of being racist, NIVEA finally pulled the advertisement after only a few days, apologized, and stated that they did not want to offend anyone. Still this incident shows, how careful we have to be with our statements and assumptions.

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