the bob revolution


In last week’s post Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre argued that nowadays there is nothing really “new” or “revolutionary” left anymore, as all hairstyles have already been tried out in the past. This inspired me for a new series of blog posts in which I will guide you through the hair styles of our former generations.
Today: the 1920s!

20sposter2Maybe the hairstyles of the 1920s were the most controversial in the history of hair fashion. As a symbol of gender equality women started to cut their hair short and the “bob” was leading to severe discussions.
Soon young women became bolder, started curling their hair, wearing short skirts and make-up, and started to defy the rules of “good behavior”. -Becoming known as the generation of “flappers”.

Some people in society, however, weren’t happy at all with the changes going on. In New Jersey, for example, a teacher was ordered by the Board of Education to let her hair grow as one would spend to much time fussing with bobbed locks. Preachers warned that “a bobbed woman is a disgraced woman.” Some bobs apparently even led to divorces and a large department store fired all women with bobbed hair.

One might understand the concerns of the Board of Education when watching this video.