Tymoshenko – dampened hopes

Even though today’s post is not on hair, I think that it is an important follow-up on my previous post on Yulia Tymoshenko’s potential arrest break for medical treatment.


Unfortunately these hopes were destroyed today with the Ukrainian parliament closing the talks on this issue without a result.

This failure might endanger the ratification of the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, which had demanded the release of Tymoshenko as prerequisite for signing the treaty.

The miss of this opportunity is particularly disappointing, as it was President Yanukowich himself, who had raised hope on a disimprisonment by saying that he would sign any such legislation if it was passed by parliament. – In which his people represent the majority.


new hope for “queen” Tymoshenko


Yulia Tymoshenko, known for her trademark blond braid, entered the international stage when leading protests against a presidential election in 2004, known as the orange revolution. In 2011 she was sentenced for 7 years because of a disadvantageous gas deal with Russia, thus criminally exceeding her authority.

According to her the charges of abuse of power are a tissue of lies, however, and the EU supports the view that the jailing was politically motivated.

Due to health problems she already asked the authorities to transfer her to a German hospital in 2011, leading to no result. In April this year the European Court of Human Rights stated that her pre-trail detention was “arbitraty and unlawful

This week, however, President Viktor Yanukovich signaled new hopes for Tymoshenko, saying that he would sign such a legislation if it was passed by parliament. -A move that might be made under pressures from the EU, whose leaders will discuss a possible agreement with Ukraine in November.

Even tough in jail, Tymoshenko embodies the idea of a strong, powerful woman.

Wearing a traditional braid together with a wardrobe that’s conservative yet feminine, traditional yet modern, professional yet soft tells the public that she expects the world to respect her as a leader. -Pia Vivas